Vancouver Birthday Party Magicians

Vancouver Birthday Party Magicians

These magicians perform at a host of family-related events. In addition to Birthday Parties, they are also seen at picnics, backyard BBQs, even schools and day-cares. Their shows are designed for kids, but often have funny moments for the adults too.

Chris Yuill magician

Chris Yuill

Award Winning Magician

From private parties, to comedy nights, to corporate events; award winning comedy magician, Chris Yuill, has been amazing and amusing audiences of all ages for over 24 years.

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Norden the Magician magician

Norden the Magician

Children's Magician of the Year

Norden has been performing since 1999 and has studied under some of the best local magicians and is well trained in all types of magic.

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Tricky Ricky magician

Tricky Ricky

The Birthday Party Specialist!

The most important factor in creating a really special event for your child is to make sure that the party is memorable. Ricky's birthday party magic show does this every time.

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Gary Savard magician

Gary Savard

Great for kids from 5 to 95!

If you're looking for a personality between Jim Carrey and Bill Cosby then Gary is it! Great for children and all around fun filled family entertainer.

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The Great Gordini magician

The Great Gordini

Making Memories

Making memories is what it's all about. You want your child's birthday party to be special, something they'll remember and their friends will be talking about. Invite The Great Gordini to supply wacky and fun entertainment with his magic that will leave the kids talking for months and provide your child with awesome memories.

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